EFutures develops solution for The Civil Contractor Federation, Victoria

The Civil Contractors Federation is an association for civil contractors in Australia. The association is an official organization offering services to help contractors thrive in the construction industry. CCF offers different services like training and business tools to give contractors an edge. The association operates in five states including the state of Victoria. CCF Victoria has over 600 members who joined due to the array of perks a contractor gains when becoming a member. In addition, to training and business tools, contractors gain easy access to suppliers. CCF Victoria aims to be a hub where suppliers (suppliers of construction equipment) and contractors gather to complete jobs.

The Challenge

One of the biggest obstacles the association encountered was the inability to match contractors with the correct suppliers. The misunderstanding between what the contractor wanted and what the supplier provided led to frustrating delays and inability to complete contracts on time. CCF Victoria needed an intuitive solution that accurately matched the needs of contractors with the most suitable suppliers.

The Solution

CCF Victoria turned to EFutures to create the solution. To solve the problem, EFutures developed a fixed scope, single deployment system called CivFast. The purpose of the system is to match suppliers and contractors based on job requirements. Contractors enter key attributes into the system, which then allows the system to identify the type of supplier the contractor needs based on the key attributes the suppliers enter to describe the equipment they provide. To do this CivFast uses a customized search algorithm to match the correct contractor and supplier based on the attributes provided.

To make sure the system works efficiently, CivFast was designed with a simple but effective software architecture. Thus, preventing any superfluous modules, systems, and components from clogging system speed.

EFutures developed a solution that proved to be very effective for CCF Victoria. CivFast matched suppliers and contractors in real-time without errors or the need for human intervention. As a result, CCF Victoria was successful in matching the correct parties based on job requirements. CivFast is used as the premier recruitment tool for any contractor looking to complete a construction job in Victoria. Contractors use the recruitment tool to reach out to thousands of sub-contractors, engineers, and suppliers in Victoria, Australia. EFutures is responsible for developing, deploying and maintaining CivFast.


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