Ransomware Data Protection

Keep confidential data secure with the right combination of proactive and reactive security measures.

As cyber criminals continue to get bolder with ransomware that’s harder to detect, enterprises require robust security posture in order to prevent attacks, while having the necessary tools and training to mitigate any lest they occur.

By deploying an information security program, businesses can gain the clarity they need to establish subsequent anti-ransomware security strategies, which range from encryption, identity authentication and backup/recovery management.

At EFutures, our cyber security experts can offer their insight for examining your organisation’s existing security strategies, and how these can be strengthened with the right combination of tools and technologies. Contact us today to get started.

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Deliver enhanced security strategies to power your Organization with the confidence it deserves.

Cloud Security

Cloud computing has provided a significant breakthrough in today’s digital landscape for businesses to scale unlike ever before. While this increase in flexibility has enabled even the smallest of organisations to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with their larger, more established competitors, it has also paved the way for cyber criminals to exploit a far more expanded environment that’s replete with crucial data, applications and other infrastructure.

Cloud Migration & Optimization

Moving from an on-site environment and over to the cloud, or from one cloud platform to another? No matter where you are migrating to, you need peace of mind when it comes to the security of your data in due course of migration. Our experts can help you analyse and devise an end-to-end cloud migration plan for secure data transformation, migration and compliance.

24/7 Cloud Monitoring

A breach to your cloud resources could happen at any time. Which is why it is vital to implement round-the-clock inspection of all your assets on the cloud. Our 24/7 monitoring teams shall function as your Security Operations Centre (SOC) that undertake stringent threat detection, coupled with incident triage and remediation to resolve threats that pose the greatest risk.

Cloud Cost Optimization

While the cloud can empower your business to grow at scale, virtualisation sprawl and unsuitable pricing models can settle to eventually cause your cloud resources to be less cost-effective over time. EFutures can help optimise cloud spend through comprehensive usage tracking, so you can gauge pricing model effectiveness for enhanced infrastructure decision making.

Cloud Security Optimization

Already have an existing cloud security framework in place, but need a boost in posture for added protection? Our team of cyber security experts can assist you with cloud security optimisation strategies by conducting risk assessments that can help your business teams get a bird’s eye perspective on what’s lacking, as well as how security gaps can be filled with fitting cyber security accompaniments.

Cloud Issue Management

As cloud resources diversify across hybrid and multi-cloud landscapes, businesses need powerful security frameworks that cover all layers of cloud architecture. From enabling granular network access policies to geo redundancy for disaster recovery, our team of cyber security specialists can provide in-depth insight into your cloud security posture, along with the tools you can adopt to further fortify your virtual infrastructure.

Cloud Security Training

Your employees are your greatest asset, and the same applies to your cloud infrastructure as well. With social engineering now taking place at alarmingly personal levels, your employees need to inculcate a zero-trust policy mindset as well. Our security awareness training teams are adept at empowering your staff with up-to-date knowledge and tools to identify risks, while also demonstrating the defence mechanisms necessary in the event of a compromise.

Email Security

Email continues to be the official as well as preferred method of modern business communication. As organisations exchange emails day in and day out, confidential data as well as the identities of your employees are at increasing risk. From emails being intercepted by malicious individuals to phishing attempts via domain spoofing, no business is immune to such breaches.

Website Security

Integrate the right security protocols to ensure a web presence that’s impenetrable. Everything’s online - including your business. As customers engage with the touchpoints that give them access to your company’s products and services, they also expect their data and identities to be kept safe. The same also applies to your users; accessing proprietary enterprise systems via personal devices is now a norm, especially in light of distributed teams and remote work environments.

Data Protection

Your company’s data serves as the lifeline to keep workflows active, understand customer sentiment, and empower leaders to make the right business decisions. Any compromise, be it through cyber exploitation, corruption or a natural disaster can bring your entire organisation to a halt - but not if the right safeguards are in place to protect your company’s vital data repositories.

Cloud Data Protection

Ensure your data and infrastructure are safeguarded from cyber exploitation. Whether your business uses cloud services as a data repository or as a fully-fledged environment for running microservices and applications, building a fail-safe cloud security posture is essential to keep systems working without a hiccup.

In-House Server Data Protection

In spite of providing proprietary access, your in-house servers are still prone to security risks, both virtual and physical. Apart from bolstering network and identity policies, in-house server environments demand physical barricades and in-person supervision in order to maintain optimum security.

Security Awareness Training

No matter how secure your organisation’s networks, applications and endpoints are, people continue to be one of the most common cyber attack vectors. With social engineering being a major contributing factor towards system compromise, employees need education on identifying suspicious behaviour, as well as knowing what to do lest a breach occurs.

Remote Access Security

Today’s enterprise networks are seldom confined to corporate endpoints and intranet portals. An increase in virtual work environments are challenging the status quo for secure remote access, as more and more users rely on a range of personal devices to get connected.

Ransomware Data Protection

As cyber criminals continue to get bolder with ransomware that’s harder to detect, enterprises require robust security posture in order to prevent attacks, while having the necessary tools and training to mitigate any lest they occur.

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