Key genAI use cases for software development and cloud management

July 11, 2024


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A: Yes, web development companies can typically work with any existing AI vendor partners you may have. Through API-based integrations, your web development partner should be able to connect your proprietary applications to custom models, in order to improve overall performance.
A: It isn’t always necessary to hire dedicated AI developers for AI-based software projects, as most existing developers in your team shall be able to adapt to any niche requirements for building and tuning models and prompts. Junior developers may take longer than their more experienced counterparts, though. However, AI for developers is generally a smooth transition, as comprehensive coding skills are what are primarily required.
A: Although generative AI and predictive AI are used interchangeably and their capabilities may also overlap within applications and use cases, one key difference sets them apart. Generative AI, as its name suggests, generates new content, which can include text, image, audio and video content. On the other hand, predictive AI forecasts outcomes and scenarios based on historical data. The more data that is used to train predictive AI algorithms, the more accurate it stands to be.

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