Building custom software: getting back to the basics

March 11, 2024


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A: Although a customised SaaS solution is in fact ‘custom software’ in terms of nomenclature, it isn’t as comprehensively customised as one that has been ideated and made from scratch. In other words, SaaS solutions that are customised are done so on top of a system that is fixed for the most part, with customisation available for items such as branding or UI. As a result, the level of customisation for SaaS solutions is still heavily built on a system that is already static for all customers that subscribe to it, in comparison to its fully customised software counterpart.
A: While in-house and outsourcing agencies each have their pros and cons, a key differentiator between the two lies in the amount of leverage you can obtain for resources and talent. In-house teams could get restricted in terms of scaling up or down on short notice - especially if it is for tasks that have never been encountered before.

An experienced software outsourcing company, on the other hand, may have access to better expertise in order to meet sudden challenges or niche requirements, as they may have encountered similar issues or inquiries in the past.

If solely working with a software outsourcing company isn’t a desirable option, the two can be combined; an in-house team can lead and supervise operations conducted by the outsourcing team, while consulting them for resolving any quandaries.
A: Software testing is a prime area for automation across the software development lifecycle. Tests that need to be repetitively done prior to releasing a new update can be conveniently automated, while test cases can be formulated through automation as well.

Software, both before and after implementation, can be monitored round-the-clock for detecting any bugs or crashes, through automation. This can increase the rate of accuracy for which problems are detected, as the chance of manual errors are eliminated, while also keeping false positives to a minimum.

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