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The 6 biggest trends for tech startups to look forward to, this 2019

At the rate of which technology has been advancing, it’s no surprise that various trends come and go. As a result, the subsequent rise (and fall) of numerous tech startups is just as ubiquitous. However, considering the potential that prevalent technologies at any given point of time present, tech enthusiasts big and small want to […]

Project management for software development – the 4 best tools for the job

Project management in the tech industry is renowned for its lean and qualitative approach. What this means is that project managers, software engineers, designers and all other team members involved in the making of any web or software application invest much thought into maintaining smooth processes, throughout the project. Take our own country, for example. […]

Mobile app trends that will dominate 2019

  While smartphones have been around for well over 2 decades, the rate of mobile engagement hasn’t ever reached a constant. In fact, it still continues to rise steadily, making all things mobile all the more important. Mobile penetration is now so deeply ingrained into today’s technologically adept society that it makes us wonder whether […]

Important Skills UX Designers can benefit from in the Future

Creating digital experiences that resonate to human emotions is what UX is for; after all, whether or not a user engages with your site or app is what determines its success. Unlike other facets of software development that require intricate technical expertise, UX is something that needs much more than that. There’s no doubt about […]

How to effectively manage a software development project

Through experience we have understood that the introduction and on-boarding processes are critical components that can directly impact the success and longevity of the project. If the initial kick-off fails to impress the new Client, the risk of starting off on the back foot becomes inevitable. Here are a couple of steps we follow to […]

Sri Lanka’s software industry is booming! Here’s why

What started off as an offshoring spot for foreign corporations in the interest of saving money and manpower, has now transformed into a destination that is brimming with new ideas, innovation and disruption. Yes, the story of how the software industry came to be in Sri Lanka is one of inspiration and awe, especially to […]

How much does it actually cost to build a mobile app?

In our day to day lives, apps are everywhere; in fact, they’re so ubiquitous that we don’t even realise how much we are dependent on them, and take them for granted. Whether it’s booking a taxi or streaming movies, it’s today’s mobile apps that facilitate our endless whims and fancies! As a business owner, you […]

Make your mobile UI/UX great with these simple steps

Across the digital landscape, a shift in focus has been happening throughout the past decade or so. With smartphones enabling superior accessibility and convenience, owning one hasn’t just become an indispensable part of life – but is now the go-to gadget for getting almost anything done. Therefore, it’s no surprise that most people are now […]