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Sri Lanka is an island of Ingenuity – and for good reason

During the last decade or so, a unique transition is being experienced by Sri Lanka’s business landscape. The ICT industry of the country is gradually but steadily booming, with start-ups mushrooming into existence – and making a big impact in spite of their small stature. In fact, numerous Sri Lankans residing overseas have returned home […]

How to Handle Time Zone Issues in software outsourcing

  The most common problem you will hear about software outsourcing is the time difference. Businesses have a hard time coordinating with their development team in a different time zone and time differences are seen as a huge problem because it delays productivity. However, time zone issues are a problem taken out of proportion because […]

How to create the best working environment in an Agile team

While an Agile methodology has mostly been associated with tech companies and the development of software, especially when it comes to software development outsourcing, businesses in other industries are keen to transition to Agile too. The ‘People Over Processes’ approach, and several other significant principles outlined over the Agile Manifesto make it a system that […]

How Agile development improves problem solving and productivity

  The development team is the backbone of any project, and their ability to tackle obstacles determines the project’s success. Hence, development teams should be properly structured to handle problems quickly and efficiently. Each project that a development team undertakes brings different challenges that can be solved in many ways. One of the ways of […]

How to Control the Scope in Project Management?

  Project managers have many responsibilities with one of the key roles being, controlling the project scope.  To have a proper handle on project scope, managers must; have a thorough understanding of the scope, train other members on the project scope and maintain an efficient flow of communication between stakeholders. Knowing the scope Project managers […]

5 Reasons you should outsource to Sri Lanka

  As the competitive landscape continues to increase, so will the popularity of outsourcing. Outsourcing has become an essential requirement when it comes to establishing and maintaining business and operational efficiencies. As a result, ‘which countries are the best for outsourcing’ has become a commonly asked question amongst all businesses looking to extend their operations […]

3 Reasons why you need to outsource and the benefits in-store

“36% of companies that outsource are innovators and 37% are growth-seekers, using outsourcing as one of their tools to optimize their businesses” – IBM market research [1] Outsourcing may be the missing component for business operations as they look to grow. Hiring employees is an expensive proposition for many companies, especially in the west. Having […]

How to decide if Agile Project Management is for you

Traditional Project Management: Waterfall The waterfall methodology was the traditional method of project management. This methodology saw projects being divided into different phases – conception, initiation, analysis, design, construction, testing, deployment and maintenance. In each stage, developers were expected to achieve a result before moving on to the next stage following a largely rigid one-directional […]

Here is what you need to know about a Minimum Viable Product

Start-ups have a hard time getting off the ground because they have to build and promote their product in a crowded marketplace using limited resources. While there are a handful of successful start-ups, the vast majority of entrepreneurs have to overcome the challenge of developing and releasing a product that may or may not be […]

EFutures develops solution for The Civil Contractors Federation, Victoria

  The Civil Contractors Federation is an association for civil contractors in Australia. The association is an official organization offering services to help contractors thrive in the construction industry. CCF offers different services like training and business tools to give contractors an edge. The association operates in five states, including the state of Victoria, with […]